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Ramadan - 19
Short Doc, 15 min

Ramadan is one of the most important months for many Muslims where they abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. The goal of observing Ramadan is to develop patience and empathy towards others. It’s also an important time for them to reconnect with their family, friends, and community and reach out to the neediest. But this year, Ramadan will be different for everyone.

Ramadan-19 brings the stories of Canadian Muslims from across the country who are observing Ramadan and adapting their traditions individually and collectively so they can feel together while staying apart.

From food drives to feeding the needy, to being at the forefront of the pandemic, This documentary will follow various Canadian Muslims from diverse backgrounds across Canada in their various efforts to making Ramadan special, by helping out their fellow Canadians in their own way during the current crisis.


Production Details

Shooting location: Quebec - Montreal - Ottawa - Toronto - Calgary - Vancouver 

Tentative Shooting days: Between May 16-27 2020

Tentative Delivery dates: May 2020 (as soon as the pitch is approved) 

Shooting Style: Characters will film themselves in a Vlog format, Some animation if needed to help tell the story. 

Tentative delivery: August 2020

Language: English 

Duration: 15 minutes


Examples of Characters

1- Quebec City - Afifa:  A young woman who works with a group of volunteers by distributing food baskets and hot meals for people in need.

2- Montreal - Sana:  A single mother who is also a nurse working at a Montreal hospital, while observing Ramadan. 

3- Ottawa - Eduardo: A community leader, the father of a 3-year-old child, and a husband of a healthcare worker.  He spends his days coordinating his teams of volunteers between Montreal and Quebec to ensure that those who lost their jobs and not getting financial support receive a hot meal during the month of Ramadan. His teams worked on distributing hygiene kits and food baskets.

4- Toronto - Dr. Nour: An emergency Doctor who works in the front lines all while observing Ramadan.


5- Toronto - Mohsen: Mohsen runs a help-line for people dealing with mental health and anxiety. He and his team of social workers have seen an increase in calls from people dealing with anxiety and depression in the COVID-19 pandemic.


6- Calgary - Mazen: Mazen and his wife Sarah usually spend their Ramadan evenings at the mosque. This year, they’ve decided to craft a mini-mosque in the corner of their house to worship, reflect, and offer their children a Ramadan atmosphere inside of their house.

7- Vancouver - Nour: Mother of young children. Trying to make Ramadan special for her children by hosting iftars via  Zoom.

How will this documentary be produced all while respecting safety measures  

Safety for everyone is my priority. Since everyone needs to apply physical distancing, all characters will be documenting their slice of life and filming themselves Vlog style with their own cameras and devices. We will see them at home with their families, in their community efforts, communicating with one another via technology, and on the ground helping others. 

I will be directing it from distance, ensuring production guidelines are respected and consistency is ensured between characters. 


If needed, establishing shots will be taken from professional DOP's, to show the emptiness of the roads and city. Another option is to use animation if needed to help tell the story.

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