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How to create great videos

Shooting videos has become easier than ever with today’s technology but capturing great footage that’s interesting and easy to watch needs a little training. The following tips can help you film beautiful scenes and tell your story in a creative way.


Before you go out with your camera, always prepare for the story you want to tell. Sit down and make notes of what you want to capture on camera. The more detail you add the more prepared you will be when encountering the scenes you want to shoot. That will help you stay focused and shoot the images you’re looking for.

Draft a storyboard

When you create a storyboard, it’s important to think about how you want your scene to look and what type of equipment you’ll need. You need to consider where you want to shoot, who and what to include in the shot, how much time you have to prepare your shots, how many cameras will be filming the scene, and where you’ll be placing those cameras. By thinking about as much detail as possible, there will be no room for error however, it’s always good to be flexible when adapting to sudden changes.

Verify the sounds and lights

This is particularly important when you’re interviewing subjects. Avoid shooting your subjects with a bright light behind them; they will look dark, and you will miss great details. For better results keep the lights behind the camera, facing your subject. It’s also important to have good microphones so the quality of your sound won’t be compromised.

Have stability

Shaky videos are difficult to watch, therefore look for stability as much as possible. Use a tripod or a monopod for steady shots, and if you don’t have any, lean up against a wall or use your elbows.

Add some plan variations

Add interesting variety to your productions by filming long shots, medium shots and close ups. Start with some wide shots to establish the scene, and then move closer to a medium shot to frame your subject, and a close up to capture details. Remember, drama, action, faces and emotions always grab the viewers’ attention.

Stay Safe

Be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye on events around you so you don’t walk into traffic or interfere with others. Remember you need consent from people appearing in your video so avoid filming strangers, especially children; this will save you a lot of trouble.

Keep it interesting

Long videos may bore your audience, especially if you don’t have many images to cover your interviews or “talking heads”, so keep your videos short and concise and your editing dynamic. More importantly, have fun with the camera, be creative and let your imagination roll…


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