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What to Wear for an On-Camera Interview

You have been invited to participate to an on-camera interview and you are wondering what you should be wearing. You might be very confident of what you have to say, but in the world of TV and video, image is everything.

The following tips can help you prepare your appearance so you can look your best on your camera interview.

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable

It's very important to feel good about yourself during an interview. If your shirt is too tight or your sweater makes you sweat, you could lose your train of thought because you will be too busy thinking about how you look like. Choose pieces that have solid colors so they can highlight your features. Tip: practice in front of the mirror by wearing the same outfit you intend to wear in front of the camera and see how you feel.

Dress for the occasion

It is not necessary to wear a full three piece suit or a chic dress for an interview on camera. Dress according to the context of the interview and wear clothes that represent you and that highlight your personality.


Earrings that dangle or a necklace that clatters can be very distracting. Microphones are very sensitive and can catch the slightest noise. So beware of those.


Avoid clothes that have lines, small patterns, big logos or that contain a message written across. Instead, wear solid colors that highlight your skin tone.

Oily Skin

Nervous sweat can make your forehead look shiny. Use powder that absorbs any oil excess, especilaly on the T zone : your forehead, nose and chin.

Ladies, make sure your makeup doesn't become runny or cakey.


Before going to the interview, make sure you check yourself out in the mirror one last time to make sure you look your best.

Your most important accessory

Video is a medium that allows the message recipient to see you and appreciate you. The form is as important as the content and your appearance will have a direct impact on people's perception of you. So take care of yourself, be confident, and don't forget to smile; it's your greatest asset. :)


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