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Here To Learn: I’m Symage Media’s New Intern

My name is Will Henderson. I am a Dawson College student studying in the Arts and Culture profile of the Arts, Literature, and Communications program.

I am very passionate about sports, playing soccer, and the creative process behind telling stories. I also have a big appreciation for live music and with Symage Media, I am hoping to learn more about how music is used in the context of media production.

I’m exploring different artistic mediums and I’m interested in the creative process behind video projects. I enjoy coming up with ideas and executing projects with the purpose of telling stories.

At the moment, I love writing, editing videos, directing team projects, digital art, and journalism, and I am excited to learn more about videography and photography. With Symage Media, my ambition lies in developing my knowledge and experience related to communications, more specifically media production. I also want narrow my focus within the field so I can work towards mastering various technical skills.

In the near future, I am hopeful and confident that my future lies in Concordia University’s Communication Studies program. Eventually, I aspire to establish myself in a successful position within media production, by then having narrowed my focus and gotten much closer to mastering my prefered skills.

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