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This is why video is a great E-Learning tool

Engaging learners and maintaining their attention span is always a challenge for educators. Typical lectures and training shouldn’t be limited to automated, fluid powerpoint presentations. Using video as a tool to teach massive online classrooms is a stimulating improvement to traditional lectures because of their significant value to an at-home-student’s learning experience, allowing the learner to learn at their own pace, anywhere and anytime.

According to, video is a great tool for storytelling. Using video should make lessons practically immersive, like mini-documentaries, transforming lectures into moving images that provide learners with more information in less time. Combining imagery and lectures is an impactful benefit, allowing educators to show and tell. The potential for diversified, creative learning experiences is also a huge benefit of this emerging learning medium.

There are numerous ways to use video for e-learning content. Notably, Interactive videos, which have the possibility to be even more engaging than traditional watchable content. Having students be able to interact with the creative imagery instilled by videos creates a variety of possibilities for educators to experiment with how students can interact and participate during the online courses.

Finally, if we are to modernize education through the internet, let us modernize how we teach in the classrooms. Video is certainly one of the most, if not the most popular medium at the moment. Using video is stimulating, and more importantly, it appeals to a generation of learners who want to learn on the go, on their own terms, from anywhere and at anytime.

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